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The   information   of   the   shuttle   bus     after   arriving   on   Jeju  airport.

Rental   Requirement

An   international   driving   permit   is   mandatory   for   every   car   rental   in   Korea.

Insurance policy

Please   check   your   insurance   coverage.

Rent   a   Car


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شهد 24/02/04 شهد
Alom 24/02/04 Alom
Vehicle registration certificate 24/02/02 sena
Charge after 2 weeks 24/01/30 hq
Returning car before 8 am 24/01/29 Alba Carrasquer
International worker 24/01/27
VictorCheung 24/01/27 cheung
Rental car the time 24/01/27 Andy
সুমন রবিদাস 24/01/21 ঢজদডথদ
Returning Car Before 8am 24/01/20 PinchiBatto

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